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On Being Reasonably Transparent


The Ikoku Group is committed to transparency that is responsible, responsive and protective, thus ethical and reasonable.

Therefore, persons engaged in activity within, for, on behalf of, in reference to and otherwise pertaining to The Ikoku Group are expected to uphold the following:

Accuracy of Records

— that The Ikoku Group keep and maintain accurate records, without falsification or misrepresentation, of pertinent activities and operations as required by applicable law and regulation.

Disclosure and Reporting

— that The Ikoku Group disclose reports from such accurate records of activities and operations, without falsification or misrepresentation, to appropriate parties as required by applicable law and regulation.

Reasonableness of Transparency

— that The Ikoku Group ensure all communication, disclosure, notification and reporting fulfill and meet the following requirements for “reasonable transparency”:

Easy Accessibility
that the communication be easily accessible for the recipient.
Easy Understanding
that the communication be as concise and easy to understand as possible for the recipient.
Clear and Plain Language and Visuals
that the communication use clear and plain language and, additionally, where appropriate, clear visualization.
In Writing, Electronic Form
that the communication be in writing, including where appropriate in electronic form (such as a public website).
Given Feasibility and Reasonableness
provided that any requests and our response be both feasible and reasonable with respect to cost, frequency, number, proportionate effort, technical limits and concerns for the rights of other persons concerned, including The Ikoku Group.
Given No Adverse Effects on Rights of Others
provided also that the communication not adversely affect the fundamental freedoms, civil liberties and rights of others — particularly those of The Ikoku Group and its Founder, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku.
Given Necessity, Non-Identification and Minimization
provided too that the communication adhere to and fulfill the principles of necessity, non-identification and data-minimization, as delineated and described in the Policy on Data and Information.
Given Adherence to Founding Mission and Code of Ethics
and provided that the communication adhere to and not be incompatible with the founding of The Ikoku Group, the originating mission and purposes, and Founding and Governing Code of Ethics, most especially the rights and protections for confidentiality and privacy.

The above is especially important wherever personal data and information are concerned, as described in the Policy on Data and Information. Your attention should also be directed to essential definitions of terms such as “written” and “communication,” among others, to be found in the main Codes and Policies page.

Sole Approval of Records and Reporting

— that The Ikoku Group ensure all above accurate records and required disclosure and reporting be reviewed, approved and authorized by written instrument signed and sealed of Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, the sole Founder and Owner.

Accordance with Ethics

— that The Ikoku Group ensure following the above principles further remains in accordance with the Codes and Policies and especially the Founding and Governing Code of Ethics.

Man Standing in Traffic
City Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, September 2018 (Temitayo Aina)

Central and Associated Policies


As stated earlier, The Ikoku Group User Agreement and Code of Conduct consist of several Codes and Policies that collectively govern all of your activity with, within, for, in reference to and otherwise pertaining to The Ikoku Group, including its divisions, series, subsidiaries and affiliates. By continuing, you indicate that you understand that these Codes and Policies include — but are not limited to — the Founding and Mission Statement, the Founding and Governing Code of Ethics, the Policy on Company Integrity, the Policy on Independence and Freedoms, the Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality, the Terms and Conditions of Use and Service, and the Acceptable Uses Policy along with all Associated Codes and Policies. Access to the aforementioned is provided below.

Founding and Mission

Statement on Founding and Mission of The Ikoku Group (HTML and PDF)

Founding Code of Ethics

Founding Code of Ethics (HTML and PDF)

Company Integrity

Company Integrity (HTML and PDF)

Independence and Freedoms

Independence and Freedoms (HTML and PDF)

Privacy and Confidentiality

Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality (HTML and PDF)

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use and Service (HTML and PDF)

The Acceptable Uses Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (HTML and PDF)

All Policies

All Policies (HTML and PDF)

Children Gathered Smiling at Camera
Children Gathered, Sidamo, Ethiopia, 2017 (Trevor Cole)
Woman Seated on Mat on Floor, Holding Fan
Seated by Kpone Katamanso District Assembly Office, Tema, Ghana, 2017 (Nathaniel Tetteh)
Child in Costume Looking at Camera
Niño, Cusco, Peru, 2018 (Ben Ostrower)

To Further Consider

Your Knowledge and Agreement

The Ikoku Group strongly recommends you develop and maintain your knowledge of all the Codes and Policies, and so asks that you read, understand and regularly visit this page and other communications regarding the Policy on Reasonable Transparency, as well as the Codes and Policies. The Ikoku Group takes your continued visiting and use of its Products and Services, including its Sites, as active indication of your knowledge, understanding, legally binding acceptance and agreement.

Your Duty to Company Integrity

To protect the company and organizational integrity of The Ikoku Group — as well as the properties, rights and protections of the company and its official persons — The Ikoku Group requires all natural and legal persons concerned to read, understand, abide by and, where applicable, sign contracts and agreements delineated and described in the Policy on Company Integrity.

The Ikoku Group reminds you that the Policy on Company Integrity forms part of The Ikoku Group User Agreement and Code of Conduct. Thus, The Ikoku Group takes your continued visiting and use of its Products and Services, including its Sites, as active indication of your legally binding acceptance of this Policy as well as the Codes and Policies.

Your Questions and Feedback

Please contact with any feedback, issues or questions — which will be addressed by the President, CEO and Chair, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku.

Your Reporting of Violations

If you detect, notice or are informed of a possible breach or violation of this Policy or any of these Codes and Policies, please contact with any details you have — which will be addressed by the President, CEO and Chair, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku.

The Definitions

As with all official documents, materials, policies and statements of The Ikoku Group, definitions for terms used here can be found in the main Codes and Policies page.

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Map on Arm, Dayton, US, 2017 (Don Ross III)
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Hands Raised, Avel Chuklanov, 2015
Hands Holding Electric Bulb
Bulb in Hands, African Valley Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2016 (Riccardo Annandale)
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Boy Playing Hand Game, 2017 (Alexander Radelich)

Also at the Group

The Ikoku Group is dedicated to developing, providing and safekeeping ideas and solutions — with the mission to foster care and creativity, culture and communities, ethics and innovation in lives and societies. And so in accordance with the above, The Ikoku Group provides the following:


A Company of and about Ethics

A company and divisions whose ethics and policies are carefully crafted, then adhered to by a range of individuals and entities working in varied relation to The Ikoku Group and its divisions to establish, develop and operate a private company dedicated to fostering care and creativity, ethics and innovation.


Built with Integrity and Respect in Mind

A company and divisions who take as their basis the most robust conceptions of humanity, integrity and respect as well as independence and fundamental freedoms, liberties and rights — up to and beyond what the law protects and provides for — as they carry out and embody their founding and core mission and purposes.


Areas of Focus Chosen for Mission and Work

And a company and divisions whose areas of focus have been expressly chosen to ensure attention to issues of enduring concern to the Founder — and so committed to providing products, services, sites and spaces that remain safe, secure and respectful places to do work, to teach and learn, to form, inform and even alter local and global communities.

More About Us

The Ikoku Group

The Ikoku Group was formed to foster care and creativity, ethics and innovation in work and communities of enduring concern to its founder, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, and partners.

— About Us

Mission, Scope, Founder

Founded as a US limited liability company, The Ikoku Group is engaged in work that is both domestic and international in scope, concerned as it is with offering services to communities and entities located across borders.

— Founding & Governance

Nature, Leadership, Ethics

The Ikoku Group is governed by its Founder‘s Agreement, by its Founding Ethics, and by a set of associated Policies — each thoughtfully derived from the above and collectively constituting the Group governance documents.

— Policies

Agreement, Laws, Terms, Conditions

Where available, The Group provides updates on news, events and media coverage pertaining to its operation, development, work, and communities.

— Press & Media

News, Events, Coverage

Where appropriate, The Group also provides alerts, newsletters and periodic reports for those who wish to sign up for, receive them — and thus become more deeply informed of recent developments and our past and ongoing work.

— Reports

Alerts, Newsletters, Periodicals

Those interested in its mission, objectives and work may contact The Ikoku Group for positions in its management, employee and contributing staff, and board and committee membership. A career at The Group will likely be deeply rewarding.

— Careers at The Ikoku Group

Boards, Jobs, Contributions